Anwar Khalaf: team-member

Anwar Khalaf

My name is Anwar and i was born in the south of Egypt; In a small village called 'Al a Basia' along side the river Nile.. This is about 300 km from Cairo and more then 800 km from Aswan. Where we grow up close to nature and the basics of life.

As a sport teacher, graduating from El Menia University, my specialization and passion already was being a swim-instructor. The red-sea became my favorite place to work.

My work experiences in Egypt:

I live now with my wife in The Netherlands. But for 6 years I have been working at the red-sea coast as a rescue swimmer, Life-Guard and snorkeling guide.
Here I have learned, experienced and enjoyed a lot of the beautiful red-sea of Egypt.

Sharing this beauty and the knowledge of the red-sea with all of you is one of my big joys in life. Experience it's extreme nature forces and beautiful underwater world.

But also the fragile but magical Corals of the red-sea.

With snorkeling you can maybe not go as deep. But it is a beautiful pure, safe, simple and very free form of being part of the sea. Another world which gives you pure energy and relaxation. 
I can not wait to be back again and hopefully you are going to join me; enjoying the nature and some snorkeling or diving experience with my colleagues. 

Also I can arrange a wide variation of different excursions for you with the people I know in Dahab and surroundings.
Variating from surfing, Desert trips, Monastery excursion, Boat-trips and more. 
Just have a look on the overview we made at : ' About Egypt & sinai'. Happy to answer your questions and help you with your wishes as soon as you join us.

Languages I speak are: Dutch, English and of course: Arabic/Egyptian.

Salaam, Anwar Khalaf