Yoga classes of Juliette in rotterdam

Directly on a quiet idyllic piece on the river 'Schie' in rotterdam , Juliette and Flyingartwork is building her space to create a special yoga studio. Here you get away from the city. So it is easier to relax and to get tuned in for your yoga-class.

Juliette is a passionate, qualified (Iyengar and Ashtanga) Yoga teacher, aerial yoga teacher, dance therapist, choreographer and (air)-acrobat. She practiced yoga over 12 years.

About Juliette Dormaar-Khalaf yoga classes in Netherlands / Rotterdam:

I now teach a style of yoga that both carry elements of Ashtanga vinyasa flow and the proper alignment of Iyengar combining techniques. That way I believe it enables you to give a responsible development of the asana practice, but also with due attention to the (Ujjayi) breathing and the connections & Vinyasa-flow of the asanas. I will explain also step by step how Ujijayi breathing works. With exercises.

The extra focus on this breathing stimulates not only our lung function and blood circulation. But it also generates a natural warmth that helps us detoxify. At the same time our Uijayi breathing is strengthening our prana life energy. Which has a wonderful relaxing but uplifting effect. It brings us completely in the here and now. And therefor this yoga-practice promotes mindfulness in itselves.

Regarding this unique breathing-technique: the Ujjayi "throat sounds" are also known as the "Ocean-breathing". You will receive a extra intensived experience of this magical breathing technique and it's effect during the yoga holiday at our unique seaside with me. The sea and the flow is in harmony with the flow of our classes.

My lessons in aswell Rotterdam as in Dahab conclude with a guided meditatatie usually with savasana.

This concludng method I also use during the "Aerial-Yoga" or "Yoga-swing" classes from me.


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