Juliette Dormaar-Khalaf

Who am I?
My name is Juliette Dormaar-Khalaf. I live and work with my husband, Anwar Khalaf predominantly in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Not only did I fall in love with my husband when in Egypt, but also with  Egypt the country. With all the controversy of it’s culture and the warm-blooded people included. Especially Dahab has stolen my heart since 2007. Here, you immediately feel the abundance of pure prana (life energy) carried by the respect of people for their environment.
Yoga roots
Juliette is a passionate, qualified (Iyengar and Ashtanga) Yoga teacher, aerial yoga teacher, dance therapist, choreographer and (aerial) acrobat.
She practiced yoga for quite some time; 12 years. She studied with Marianne Wells (Costa-Rica/Iyengar) and Manju Jois (Ahstanga yoga). Juliette: "I am grateful for the talented teachers who guided me in my learning path, including Marianne Wells, (Iyengar), Mark Mitwell, Manju Jois and many other talented teachers who have enriched me and continue to enrich me.
My lessons in Dahab
I teach in a style that combines both the elements of Ashtanga vinyasa flow and the great alignment techniques of Iyengar. That way you will be able to participate in the development of the asana practice, whilst giving sufficient attention to the (Ujjayi) breathing and the connections of the asanas. My lessons are concluded with a meditation session, combined with savasana. It is also with great pleasure that I have undertaken teaching a new fusion yoga; Aerial Yoga.
In a responsible but fun way I lead you through the possibilities of the yoga practice whilst ‘letting loose' in the air. Aerial Yoga is a unique experience of practicing various asanas whilst fully or partially detached from the floor through our yoga hammocks.  A unique combination of yoga and aerial acrobatics. A way of discovering safely a new sense of freedom, where the sensation of "floating" or "flying" can be achieved.

Also, you might undergo certain asana’s differently and perhaps manage to go further and deeper into those than you've ever done before. In a playful and creative way our inner child will be given space, so we can explore our frontiers in a safe and secure way. An entirely new experience! My aerial yoga classes are suitable for all levels.

Juliette provides a very balanced yoga holiday, where participants will experience plenty of grounding and rest, balanced with sufficient challenge and playfulness. Through our yoga classes we provide an additional layer of yoga practice for everyone. Aswell for beginners as advanced Yoga-practitioners.