Our accomodation

Yoga holiday selected with great care a intimate yoga-holiday resort in Dahab which meets our high standards. And fair-trade goals. We consciously visited a number of hotels and resorts in Dahab after the Egyptian Revolution to see for ourselves the current situation in Egypt. And to relate to the people living and working there so we can make a informed choice for our guests.

For our accommodations applies: a excellent hospitality, care and hygiene in our chosen resort and accommodation.
And equally important: the atmosphere and positive energy of the site is clearly noticeable. The accommodation is a cozy family hotel in Dahab with all the luxurious facilities needed. Spacious rooms with sea-view and also with swimming pool.
Yoga Holidays supports sustainable tourism in Egypt

We stimulate the local economy by deliberately doing fair-trade business with carefully selected Egyptian locals and/or mixed marriages living and working in Dahab.
Often it happens unfortunately that people only do business with foreigners who own the resorts and as well have their employees from abroad. Or hire local employees who receive bad treatment, work-circumstances and get under payed.

We can not support this principle and system. Therefore we work with companies that respectfully interact with their staff.

We are very impressed with how the people view and deal with their current lives and future prospects. A new era starts here after 30 years of dictatorship in Egypt.
So support the local economy and the rebuilding of Egypt by booking a yoga holiday in this country and with our fair-trade. Where the locals actually benefit from !

Also we have a local guide in our work-team. Who can organize for you in a pleasant way all kind of extra excursions and activities offered at fair prices for as well the tourist as the excursion leader. This thanks to our internal relations with Egypt, Dahab. and our team-member Anwar Khalaf.